winners 2022
Illustrations For Children And Youth Literature
Mojgan Saedan (Iran)
Farzaneh Rahmani "My Lovely Room"

Ghazal Fatollahi (Iran)
Hafiza Cinar Guner "There Was No One at the Park"

Sohila Khaled (Egypt)
Nadia Al Najjar "The Colorful Wool Yarns"

Elanor Burgyan (Switzerland)
Giorgio Volpe "Il Grande Alveare"


Kris Di Giacomo (France)
Sara Marconi "Ma Dove Vanno a Dormire di Notte le Farfalle?"
Original Picture Book
Jia Yuqian (China)
"A Watermelon Gift"

Wu Mao (China)
"Wu Song Fights the Tiger"

Wu Jing (China)
"Silk Road"

Hamideh Khosravian (Iran)
"Story Finder"


Huang Ying (China)
"An Ant Crawled and Crawled"

Yu Rong (China)
"The Rope"

Amir Shabanipour (Iran)
"The Lion King"

Hale Ghorbani (Iran)
"Not Like Every Day"

Yael Frankel (Argentina)
"Everything that Happened Before You Arrived"
"What Does a Forest Have?"
New Names

Dream Chen (China)
"Dandelion Boy"

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